Fluid Motion Factor

$575.00 (tax incl.)

The Fluid Motion Factor program is a revolutionary mental zone training program that is not based on sports…


The Fluid Motion Factor e-learning program will teach you a revolutionary and simple, step-by-step program to become more consistent. This version of the program has been used by NCAA national championship teams and players that have won four Majors. It includes two sets of of what I call Fluid Cues. Fluid Cues allow golfers to set up by design what they normally experience by chance when they played their best. These Fluid Cues allow the swing to be synced correctly, experience smooth and effortless transitions and have excellent tempo. It will allow you to more consistently access your best swings and also give you a powerful technique to reset the swing after you miss a shot on the course. Even though this is an e-learning program and not a blended program where you will connect with a FMF Certified instructor, it is very much a game changer.